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Organize My Photo - and organize my photo automatically using special software to organize my photo
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9 November 2009

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If you have a hobby of snapping pictures or of collecting attractive images then you would obviously like to organize them in a neat manner. The Automatic Photo Organizer is the software arranges all your photos automatically and it is even capable of organizing thousand of photos placed in any location in virtually no time. This software is so advanced that it can also organize the photos present inside archive files like .zip and .rar. This application can also organize the photos available in rare formats. The software comes with a wizard option that can help even a novice user to use the application as it guides him or her through its easy to follow step by step process.

The Automatic Photo Organizer opens up with a neat blue colored interface and sports a window which lists the major relevant topics on the right side. To start using the software for organizing your photos you can go to the Wizard option in the toolbar and click the photo organizing tab. When on you click on the start button on the wizard it takes you a screen which offers a variety options to choose from for organizing your images. It basically offers a choice to organize your images according to content type, content size or structure, camera model or the period of the image. Alternately you can also choose to set your own custom photo organizing method. Once you have set the configuration you can then use the utility will go through your image collection and arrange them accordingly. You can also choose to change the color scheme and make other changes according to your preference. Last but not least it comes with a detailed help option for addressing any queries that you have regarding the functionality of the application.

The software is a multi functional tool which offers a user with the capacity to quickly organize their image collection and is likely to appeal to many photo enthusiasts. The Automatic Photo Organizer 5.63 works earns a score of 4 rating points owing to its stellar performance and its rich bouquet of features.

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Organize My Photo - organize my photo easily with the help of the award-winning utility designed to organize my photo on my computer.
This tool is crested by best programmers to organize my photo in any specified location. With the help of this awesome utility it will be easy to organize my photo, smoothly organize my photo in photo collections, organize my photo on hard and flash drives and even organize my photo on external devices.
Use only extra best utility to organize my photo. All you need to organize my photo right and fast is to install this awesome application. You don't need to control the process; the outstanding utility will organize my photo automatically.
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Organize My Photo
Organize My Photo
Version 5.63
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